WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). With only basic internet knowledge, you can create and manage a website very easily. Everything is customisable with a very easy to use management interface, that includes a large library of themes and plugins that you can add/remove at any time. WordPress is the largest platform of website management available on the internet.

HaiSoft provides a platform fully compatible with WordPress. We include the basic setup, configuration and update of WordPress on your hosting package, as well as full telephone/email support to guide you for the first time and every day use of WordPress.

Features of WordPress :

  • Ease of use - WordPress includes an intuitive interface so you can create content from your computer, phone or tablet
  • Flexibility - WordPress can manage any type of website, including a blog
  • You own your data - WordPress is installed on your hosting package, so your data are hosted locally on your server and you own them
  • Easy publishing - If you know how to create a document, you know how to publish a post on WordPress
  • Publishing tools - You can manage all your posts, pre-write your posts and postpone publication to a future date, and protect content with a password
  • User management - You can give different rights to different authors, as well as manage readers rights to read selected articles
  • Code compatibility - The code generated by WordPress is fully compatible with all W3C standards as well as all of today's browsers
  • Theme management - WordPress is pre-installed with 2 standard themes that you can customise, and you can select other themes amongst a library of more than 350 free themes
  • Plugins - With plugins, you can add new features to WordPress. A Gallery, a forum, social networks, a calendar, more than 40,000 plugins are available
  • Comment management - You can allow comments and manage them in several different ways to suit your website, including holding them until you validate each one, or disable comments automatically after so many days
  • SEO - WordPress is natively optimised for search engines, and more plugins are available for even better SEO management

1Choose your package :

Basic setup : Setup or update/upgrade, on a pay per request, on your HaiSoft hosting, either on your main website or on a subdomain (or in a specific folder). You should request this service via a Support Ticket request after your hosting package has been setup

Basic setup

20.00 €


Basic setup and updates : Basic setup and updates upon request on your HaiSoft hosting package, on the main website or in a subdomain/folder. You can order this service at the same time as you order your hosting package, or after your initial order via a Support Ticket request


Basic setup + updates

21,60 €/yr


Custom configuration included : Whether you choose a basic setup or a basic setup with updates, WordPress is installed, and the package includes full support so you can call our tech support team by phone or via our Support Ticket system for full support on how to use WordPress

2Choose your hosting package :

New HaiSoft package : Select one of our hosting packages and add the WordPress app when you order


You already own a HaiSoft package : Create a Support Ticket request in the Client Area