SLA - Service Level Agreement

This SLA applies to any Dedicated Server or Virtual Machine provided by HaiSoft, and describes the services provided with the server.
This SLA does not apply to VPS or Shared Hosting (Perso, Pro, MEGA or Multi-domain packages).


Customer Relations

Our Customer Service staff and our technicians are available to answer any questions relating to your server, and monitor our servers and networks, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. In order to contact one of our technicians, or our CS staff, you can do one of the following :

  • create a Support Ticket in the Member's Area, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our staff will answer your questions depending on the priority chosen when you create the ticket. Our staff read those tickets usually between 8am and 10pm and can answer within a few minutes if necessary.
  • call us on the phone, during the week between 9am and 11am, and between 1pm and 4pm. Our staff will pick-up the phone within 1'30" and will be able to assist you on the phone or via the opening of a Support Ticket.


Network Connection

HaiSoft provides a connection to the Internet from our Datacenters. We use our own IP addresses and manage that part of the Network. We guarantee 99.95% availability of the network. If this is not achieved and your server is not reachable because of a network outage for more than 1 hour, we will give you a credit worth 1 day, per hour where your server is unavailable. That is 3.3% of your monthly payment or 0.27% of your annual payment per 60-min period. This credit will not exceed 50% of your monthly payment or 1/24 of your annual payment in any given month.


Server Monitoring

Our staff monitor the servers and the network at all times. Regarding the monitoring of your server, we monitor both network availability and services every 5 minutes, that includes Web access and DNS servers. If anything wrong is detected, our techniciens will check the server or the service within one hour depending on the time of day/night.
We can also monitor other services than Web and DNS, at no extra cost, upon request by a Support Ticket to a technician.


Hardware Warranty

We test the hardware we use before we install and deliver the servers. However, if a hardware fails, we will replace all hardware, including replacing the whole server if necessary, at no extra charge, in order to make sure your server is available and fully functional. We have all required spare parts available within the Datacenters and can replace any part of the server within a few minutes.
If a replacement is needed and critical (the server is down due to this part), we will replace it as soon as possible, usually within the hour.
If the replacement is not critical and can wait (the server is still up and running), we will contact you first and arrange a date and time for the replacement to be performed by our staff.
HaiSoft is committed to replace any failing hardware part within your server, however this does not include a backup of your data. We will do our best to make sure we do not loose your data, however we recommend you always have a backup of your data in a different place. We also provide R1Soft Backups in order to keep a backup of your data over several days.
In case of a hardware failure, HaiSoft will replace any part within 4 hours following a notification from our monitoring system or following a Support Ticket.


Server Management

The Server Management of your Dedicated Server and Virtual Machine is included within our services. This includes the details listed above, as well as the following, upon reception of a request via our Support Ticket system :

  • installation of any RPM package and basic setup
  • upgrade of any package (PHP, mySQL, Apache, Plesk, PERL, ...) if a new RPM package is available

We can also provide installation of packages that are not available in RPM format, compile new packages for your server, however those services are available at an extra charge depending on the service provided. Please check our server management page for more information on what is included in the package.


Backup of your data

HaiSoft does not backup any data stored on your servers (dedicated server or virtual server) unless the customer has subscribed to the R1Soft Backup option. Whether the customer chose to subscribe to the option or not, HaiSoft cannot be held responsible for any loss of data appart from reseting the server in its initial state (with the OS, Plesk but without any data restored). It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that all data are backed up in a safe place outside of this contract in order to restore any data needed by the customer.


eMail management/Blacklists

HaiSoft provides a service that includes an MTA (Mail Transport Agent), on the server. This service is a technical service and support is provided in accordance with the contract established in relation to the management of the server itself.
From time to time, some remote servers may suspend delivery of inbound emails or tag emails as spam, according to their own policies, that are not known to HaiSoft, and that may be different from other remote servers. Thus, HaiSoft cannot guarantee delivery of emails to the user of the server, at all times. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that emails relayed by the server be formatted properly and use codes that the remote server will accept in order not to be banned from it. HaiSoft helps the customer to configure the server within the Server Management support, but cannot be held responsible for any issues linked to those emails.