ownCloud is a tool that helps you manage and synchronise your personal data between all your devices. With ownCloud, you can manage your contacts, share calendars, access your files from anywhere, but you know where the data is stored as it is in our datacenter located in France.

HaiSoft provides a hosting platform fully compatible with own Cloud. We also offer initial setup, configuration and update of ownCloud, as well as phone and email support in order to help you setup ownCloud quickly and easily.

Features de ownCloud :

  • You own your data - ownCloud is located in a Cloud managed by HaiSoft, located in France. Your data are accessible only by yourself, we don't read nor share your data like other big players do
  • Contact management - You can manage your contacts and synchronise them with your email software, mobile phone and online in the ownCloud web interface
  • Shared calendars - Synchronise your calendars with all fixed and mobile devices, and share them with family members and co-workers
  • File sharing - Access your files from anywhere, share specific files or folders with co-workers, friends and family, create download links for external users
  • Media files - Share media files with anyone, privately between users and with external users via download links
  • Manage documents - Create documents online via the ownCloud web interface and manage access rights and file versions online
  • User management - Each user has his own account and can easily share any type of data with any other user via a simple click

1Choose your package :

Basic setup : Setup or update/upgrade, on a pay per request, on your HaiSoft hosting, either on your main website or on a subdomain (or in a specific folder). You should request this service via a Support Ticket request after your hosting package has been setup

Basic setup

20.00 €


Basic setup and updates : Basic setup and updates upon request on your HaiSoft hosting package, on the main website or in a subdomain/folder. You can order this service at the same time as you order your hosting package, or after your initial order via a Support Ticket request


Basic setup + updates

21.60 €/yr


Custom configuration included : Whether you choose a basic setup or a basic setup with updates, ownCloud is installed, and the package includes full support so you can call our tech support team by phone or via our Support Ticket system for full support on how to use ownCloud

2Choose your hosting package :

New HaiSoft package : Select one of our hosting packages and add the ownCloud app when you order


You already own a HaiSoft package : Create a Support Ticket request in the Client Area