Prestashop is a software that enables you to create an online shop. With Prestashop, you can set up an online shop very quickly with a lot of themes to choose from, and manage products on a simple website accessible from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

HaiSoft provides a hosting platform fully compatible with Prestashop. We also offer initial setup, configuration and update of Prestashop, as well as phone and email support in order to help you setup your ecommerce website quickly and easily.

Features of Prestashop :

  • Design - Prestashop includes 2 standard themes that you can easily customise, and you can choose from over 2,000 professional templates online. Most web design companies will also be able to offer customisation of a specific design for Prestashop with your own colors
  • A proper online shop - With more than 310 built-in features, choose the key features you need to help your visitors get the best experience on your website
  • You own your data - Prestashop is installed on your hosting package, so you know where your data are stored and you own your data
  • Shopping cart - Prestashop Shopping cart is a powerful tool. You can offer several different payment types and delivery options. Other features include tax management and customer support management tools
  • Mobile - Prestashop works just as well on a computer, on a tablet and on a mobile phone. Thus, visitors can easily order at any time, and any place, from your website. You can also manage your online shop from anywhere at any time with a fully responsive administration panel
  • eMarketing - Prestashop is optimised for search engines and will get your products in Google very easily. You can also manage coupons, mass emailing and more.
  • WorldWide - Prestashop is available in 65 languages and allows you to manage local currencies, taxes and units according to the location of your customers. Delivery management options enable you to manage several stock locations and dispatch your product from the best location easily
  • Integration - With more than 310 built-in features, Prestashop established partnership with major companies in order to bring the best tools to your online shop. More than 3,500 additional plugins are available and can be added easily to manage specific requirements, for specific countries for example

1Choose your package :

Basic setup : Setup or update/upgrade, on a pay per request, on your HaiSoft hosting, either on your main website or on a subdomain (or in a specific folder). You should request this service via a Support Ticket request after your hosting package has been setup

Basic setup

20.00 €


Basic setup and updates : Basic setup and updates upon request on your HaiSoft hosting package, on the main website or in a subdomain/folder. You can order this service at the same time as you order your hosting package, or after your initial order via a Support Ticket request


Basic setup + updates

21,60 €/yr


Custom configuration included : Whether you choose a basic setup or a basic setup with updates, Prestashop is installed, and the package includes full support so you can call our tech support team by phone or via our Support Ticket system for full support on how to use Prestashop

2Choose your hosting package :

New HaiSoft package : Select one of our hosting packages and add the Prestashop app when you order


You already own a HaiSoft package : Create a Support Ticket request in the Client Area