Keep control over your business

HaiSoft management is included with all dedicated server packages and cloud server packages.

HaiSoft monitors and manages, without any request from you, your dedicated server or cloud server. This includes the monitoring, daily backup (if you choose this option), critical updates, security, ...). The management by HaiSoft also includes installation and configuration of the softwares, applications and options of your server, following a request from you (database import, PHP, Java, CRON setup, ...) as well as full user support (email setup, apache modules, server upgrades when necessary, ...).

Our team of technicians and engineers is available at all times in order to give you the most of the server and service we provide, and to make sure that the server is always optimise for you specific use, and it is included with all server packages at no additional costs.


We anwser all your requests


You can rely on the experience and knowledge of a strong and dynamic team


Just relax, HaiSoft is looking after your server