Our commitment toward the Earth

HaiSoft uses 20% of renewable energy, provided by EDF, to power our servers and those of our customers.
This helps produce more renewable energy for the future and it will allow us to increase this proportion while providing an efficient service to our customers.

HaiSoft uses 100% of renewable energy provided by a specific contract with Direct Energie, for the heating and work in our offices, in order to contribute, via the purchase of certificates, to the development of renewable energy even stronger.

HaiSoft is committed to using only a small amount of paper and ink. We have a policy with a target of Zero Paper for all documents related to our providers and customers.

HaiSoft is helping employees and partners to make sure they live and work in a close area in order to reduce the impact on the environment. Thus, each employee takes less than 15 minutes to go to work, and most of them walk to go to work or use public transport.

In order to reduce the impact on the environment, any business trip should be done via public transport, by train or by car via carpooling, and not by plane.

New commitments will be taken by the end of 2015


Our commitment towards the community

HaiSoft is a local company based in Orleans, in France. We have customers locally, nationwide and all over Europe and around the Mediterranean Sea.
Purchases and Human resources policies are established in order to promote local employment internally and via our partners.