Joomla is a content management system (CMS). Joomla is used by millions of websites and allows you to create, organise, manage and publish content for a website, a blog, and intranet or a mobile application.

HaiSoft provides a fully compatible Joomla platform. HaiSoft can setup, configure and update Joomla on your hosting package, and provides a full email and telephone support to help you get the most of your Joomla website.

Features of Joomla :

  • Multilingual - Joomla enables you to create content available in several languages so you can widen your audience with currently 64 supported languages
  • Community support - Joomla is a CMS created and updated by a large community of developers and users who can also help you via forum and wikis, to get the most of your website
  • You own your date - Joomla is installed on your own web hosting package, located in our datacenter in France. You can access your data and you own it
  • Simple update - Updates are very easy to be done, as it only takes a couple of click and the update is downloaded and installed on its own
  • Help system - A contextual help is available for each feature so you can get help quickly and easily for the feature you want to setup
  • Media management - Media Manager enables you to upload and manage photos and videos easily and include them in your posts
  • Search function - Joomla includes a powerfull search engine that help your visitors find what they look for in all your website, very easily. Statistics are also available so you can optimise this tool
  • Content management - Joomla is mainly a content management system and will help you create and organise all articles using a WYSIWYG editor so you don't need any technical knowledge
  • Categories - Joomla allows you to manage a full structure so you can categorise each article, without any limit regarding the number of levels
  • Tags - Joomla gives you an alternative to categories as you can use tags in articles in order to index any content you create easily
  • Online editor - If you find a mistake in a page, Joomla enables you to fix it without having to log in to the Admin panel so you can fix quickly any small mistake on your website
  • Version management - Joomla enables you to manage several versions of your content so you can go back to a previous version if necessary, and see any changes made between with the previous version
  • RSS feed - Joomla enables you to create RSS feeds for your visitors. You can also integrate other RSS feeds on your website
  • Menu management - The Menu Manager enables you to organise your website with menus. Your visitors can navigate through your website easily, and this can be used in conjonction with Categories and/or Tags
  • Plugins - More than 8,000 plugins are available for added features in Joomla or to customise your website
  • Access control - ACLs enable you to give specific rights to users in the administration panel. You can also create members only articles that can only be seen by specific users like in an extranet

1Choose your package :

Basic setup : Setup or update/upgrade, on a pay per request, on your HaiSoft hosting, either on your main website or on a subdomain (or in a specific folder). You should request this service via a Support Ticket request after your hosting package has been setup

Basic setup

20.00 €


Basic setup and updates : Basic setup and updates upon request on your HaiSoft hosting package, on the main website or in a subdomain/folder. You can order this service at the same time as you order your hosting package, or after your initial order via a Support Ticket request


Basic setup + updates

21,60 €/yr


Custom configuration included : Whether you choose a basic setup or a basic setup with updates, Joomla is installed, and the package includes full support so you can call our tech support team by phone or via our Support Ticket system for full support on how to use Joomla

2Choose your hosting package :

New HaiSoft package : Select one of our hosting packages and add the Joomla app when you order


You already own a HaiSoft package : Create a Support Ticket request in the Client Area