HaiSoft provides web hosting services for your website and domain name registration
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  • Disk Space : 200MB to 5GB
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • 1 hosted domain
  • Plesk Panel
  • Up to 20GB disk Space
  • 25 to 100 hosted domains
  • Plesk Panel
  • Customisable DNS
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • RAM : 256MB to 1GB
  • HDD 10GB to 40GB
  • Transfer 100Mbps
  • RAM : 4GB to 8GB
  • HDD : 160GB to 500GB
  • Transfer 100Mbps
  • Full management
10 email addresses
10MB disk space
50 email addresses
200MB disk space
*Only available with domain name registration
Casa Howard Guest House

Casa Howard Guest House
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West London Partnership

HaiSoft.net is a leading web hosting company in Europe. We offer a large selection of web hosting packages, both shared hosting and dedicated servers in order to meet our customer's needs, as well as domain name registration.
Using our website, you can rent a server to host your website. We have a large selection of shared hosting packages, as well as more specific packages for dedicated servers and virtual machines. All o ur packages, both shared and dedicated, include full management and technical support available 7 days a week. Our hosting packages are easy to use, fast and offer good performances. We have a wide ra nge of packages, and a lot of experience in hosting websites on the internet. We offer state of the art solutions, especially regarding our network and security.
You are looking for a web hosting provider to host your ecommerce website securely with a good support, in Europe ? Our website and our customer support team can assist you. On our website, you can find within a couple of clicks, the hosting package that will match your requirements (whether it's for hosting a Magento website on a dedicated server, a Prestashop website on a shared server or a wordpress blog). In addition to our web hosting packages on shared, dedicated or virtual servers, you can also register your domain names with us, and manage them on our website. We also offer additional packages like SSL certificates for the security of your ecommerce website.
Please do not hesitate to contact our customer service by phone or on our contact page for more information on our packages. We are here to help you with your projects and we can help you design the p latform needed to host your website, whether it is a small blog or a bigger ecommerce website that requires several servers to work properly.